Spitfire Engine stop motion rebuild

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Restoring the firewall on Triumph Spitfire

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Replacing Rear Pinion Seal – Triumph Spitfire

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Leaking differential on Spitfire Mk3 : http://www.totallytriumph.net/spitfire/differential.shtml

How To Install Replace Rear Axle Differential Pinion Seal : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HNkGdByzyjI

Replacing a differential seal : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pCy0Xdz6SNI

Rear Differential Pinion Seal Replacement – GMC Sierra : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=15zHpz6Zx8c

Rear Axle Details (schematic) : http://www.canleyclassics.com/?xhtml=xhtml/diagram/spitfire1500rearaxlecentredetails.html&xhtmlcatalogue=xhtml/catalogue/spitfire1500.html&category=axlessuspensiondriveshaftsandwheels&xsl=diagram.xsl

Rear Axle Housing  (schematic) : http://www.canleyclassics.com/?xhtml=xhtml/diagram/spitfire1500rearaxlehousings.html&xhtmlcatalogue=xhtml/catalogue/spitfire1500.html&category=axlessuspensiondriveshaftsandwheels&xsl=diagram.xsl

WPML and Event Manager Plugin Compatibility

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Add this code snippet to your functions.php or download it from http://pastebin.com/a1fc7vsE

function em_wpml_integration($conditions, $args){
global $wpdb;
if( defined('ICL_LANGUAGE_CODE') ){
$conditions['wpml'] = EM_EVENTS_TABLE.'.post_id IN (SELECT element_id FROM '.$wpdb->prefix."icl_translations WHERE language_code ='".ICL_LANGUAGE_CODE."' AND element_type='post_".EM_POST_TYPE_EVENT."')";
return $conditions;
function em_wpml_integration_locations($conditions, $args){
global $wpdb;
if( defined(‘ICL_LANGUAGE_CODE’) ){
$conditions[‘wpml’] = EM_LOCATIONS_TABLE.’.post_id IN (SELECT element_id FROM ‘.$wpdb->prefix.”icl_translations WHERE language_code ='”.ICL_LANGUAGE_CODE.”‘ AND element_type=’post_”.EM_POST_TYPE_LOCATION.”‘)”;
return $conditions;
add_filter(’em_locations_build_sql_conditions’,’em_wpml_integration_locations’,10,2);function em_wmpl_location_save($result, $EM_Location){
global $wpdb;
if( !$wpdb->get_var("SELECT translation_id FROM {$wpdb->prefix}icl_translations WHERE element_id=$EM_Location->post_id") ){
//save a value into WPML table
$wpdb->insert($wpdb->prefix.'icl_translations', array('element_type'=>"post_".EM_POST_TYPE_LOCATION, 'trid'=>$EM_Location->post_id, 'element_id'=>$EM_Location->post_id, 'language_code'=>ICL_LANGUAGE_CODE));
return $result;

How to change your oil: 1978 Triumph Spitfire

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Good video on how to change the oil on a Spitfire

Guide to Redoing Triumph Spitfire Interiors

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Here’s a good link to redoing Spitfire interiors from Victoria British. Lots of pictures and description with step by step instructions for :

  • Carpet & Panel Replacement
  • Door Panel Replacement
  • Carpet Installation
  • Seat Cover Replacement





Suspension Replacement with Gas Shocks

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Two resources for upgrading the front end suspension on your Triumph Spitfire 1500 (MKIV)

1. Here’s a great article by Teglerizer on Changing the front springs


2. Check out this video by BPNorthwest on upgrading the front suspension.

Found this link to purchase gas shock replacements:

KYB Shock Absorber – Front

Spitfire Gas Tank panel for trunk

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Tank Panel

Here is a template for the gas tank panel for inside the trunk (boot).
Just “right click” on it to save it.


Replacing U-Joints on Triumph Spitfire

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Zenith Stromberg

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Part 1


Part 2