Spitfire fuses

By aronblack | July, 24, 2010 | 0 comments

Here’s the problem: The hazard lights on my 1975 Triumph Spitfire work and blink but they don’t blink very bright and they blink very quick, so i decided to clean my fusebox and fuses.

  • In the top position I have a BUSS/AGC 20A
  • In the middle position, a Lucas 35A (17.5 amps continuous)
  • and in the bottom position,  a  BUSS/UGC 20A

So while I was cleaning the fuses, I broke the Lucas fuse and wondered if I should change them all.
And as the previous owner had installed the fuses, I wondered should I replace them all with Lucas fuses?

Some say yes, read this article about fuses, http://snic-braaapp.org/itech02.htm#Fuses

Some say no, check out my discussion with Howard from AllExperts.com, http://www.allexperts.com/user.cgi?m=6&catID=1459&expID=79865&qID=4962064

If you have an opinion on this, please let me know

Update: This problem is solved. Here’s what I did. After tinkering with the fuse box (making sure fuse was getting electricity on both sides), cleaning the hazard switch (making sure it was grounded), cleaning the hazard lights (cleaning light and making sure ground was clean) and buying a new flasher relay (Flasher 552) my hazards are working great. I’m thinking it was the flasher relay unit that was the problem. You can buy it from NAPA for 5$.